Monday, 15 March 2010


My first outfit, is a gold leatherette dress, i've been toiling the dress in order to get the right angle on the hip, i want the hips to be exaggerated but not too forcefully. Down the front of the dress their will also be multicoloured fringing, i think i need to get a perfect balance between the hip exaggeration and the layered fringing, i don't want the dress to look over the top but at the same time it needs to push the boundary.

I think i have perfected the toile and i am now ready to cut and sew the final garment, i will use a pale pink zip down the centre back, i will then sew pink lining into the dress, to make sure the dress looks as neat on the inside as out. To finish the garment i will top stitch the seams with gold metallic thread.

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