Saturday, 27 February 2010


Here is a list of other designers website that i really like, these are inspiring me in the construction of my own website - I love the music on the Manoush site, also in contrast to the Balenciaga site the detail in Manoush designs and their site is beautiful and so intricate. I love the background scenery which is almost a moodboard. - I love the home page with the moving sequins, Ashish is one of my favourite designers, and the way his collections are shown through years is simple and effective, showing his history. i also really like the way in which the images roll as you move the mouse from left to right. - Sophie Gittin's site is really personal, she explains her influences as well as her final collection. - I love how clean and simple the site is, the white and black font is really striking.


My good friend Hattie Stewart, is studying Illustration at Kingston University. She is extremely talented and has produced illustrations for Luella and Marc Jacobs, she has also been featured in magazines and illustrated for film. Her work is amazing, and i've asked her to draw some illustrations for my final collection, in which to sequin and bead! In the past we've also wanted to work together and this has inspired us to one day produced a side line business, combining both of our skills!

The brief was illustrations inspired by, sharks, bears, unicorns with a 'cute' style and her own twist! I love the illustrations and can't wait to start sequining some samples!

Hattie's blog address is

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Notre Dame is one of the most beautiful, atmospheric buildings I've ever been in. I am totally in love with Paris and the architecture, history and presence of Notre Dame just makes it magical.


I LOVED the Paul Smith shop, every room was unique! The attention to detail was amazing, I've been to the Paul Smith shop in Nottingham, but i think the Parisian one rivalled it! I loved the wall of art, the picture frames all differed and the style of art was so diverse which really made it work! Although i loved the shop's interior i also loved the collections, the prints were vibrant and fresh, the construction beautifully simple and classic!


Here are some images of the stand at Premier Vision, the stand attracted a lot of attention, i think due to its variety of print and embellishment and also the vast influences and diverse colour palettes. Our stand was strong and many people commented on how much they liked it. I loved working on the stand, i felt it gave me a great insight into the way in which the exhibition runs, it motivated me and also gave me confidence in my own work. I had people interested in my collection and being there to talk to them i could find out what exactly they thought worked within my work and where i could develop and improve as a print designer.

Whilst at Premier Vision i sold a piece of my work which i was extremely excited and proud of, i found out that company that brought one of my pieces was a well established Spanish label 'Desigual', they loved my whole collection and they settled on buying a piece which was my favourite,

Friday, 5 February 2010


Jean Charles De Castelbajac, has been an influential fashion designer for decades, i love his work, his witty and humorous designs are strong and unique, whilst always having a wearable aspect [obviously only wearable for the brave]. Jean Charles De Castelbajac has been key in influencing my graduate collection, i think he is an aspirational figure for me and my future career.