Friday, 26 March 2010


'To celebrate the opening of Maison Moschino, the company's new hotel in Milan's Viale Monte Grappa, Rosella Jardini and her
Cheap & Chic team changed up their show format, flying in British pop sensation Pixie Lott to perform and enlisting Italian actress Asia Argento to deejay. Instead of sitting in orderly rows, guests swigged Champagne and stood cheek by jowl in a clear plastic tent as models streamed past them. The concept, as the designer described it afterward, was "all of the different women who come out of the hotel." There was a "Chanel lady" in a bright pink tweed bouclé jacket and skirt, and an "Hermès lady" with a black Kelly bag perched upside down on her head. With Carla Sozzani's famous 10 Corso Como store just steps from the hotel, Jardini sent out "shopaholics" carrying shopping bags with "Full" printed on one side and the Moschino URL on the other. Those were just for show, but the designer did debut a new collection of luggage, dubbed "Lost and Found." There were even maids in black and white uniforms who playfully swatted the people lining their way with feather dusters.

In other words, this was trademark Cheap & Chic: nothing too serious, full of fashion in-jokes, and contagiously upbeat. To wit: The last model out sashayed by in a spangled shift dress with big block letters that read: "Fashion must go on!" Just in case it doesn't, though, it was a clever move for Jardini and co. to branch out with this new hotel.'

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


The other day i had an interview for an internship with the bag designer Lulu Guinness, her company are looking for a design intern, the job is expenses paid and would require me to archive and explore their vintage collection, run errands, research for their up and coming collection. I think this internship would be great for me, it is one day a week and would give me access to another aspect of the industry, i have always been interested in designing accessories, it will also help me to further my contacts and give me a great insight to the running of a successful business.

The interview went really well, i'd previously emailed the design director Vicki my CV and brought with me my portfolio, and a box of textile samples. She was really interested in my work and what inspired me, we chatted for quite a while, the interview didn't feel very formal, we discussed designers and labels we liked and also holiday destinations.

At the end of the interview i felt positive, i would love to intern for Lulu Guinness, it will mean extra stress at the end of degree, but i think it would be worth it to gain contacts for my future.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


This leather t-shirt was an initial design i fell in love with, i really wanted to create a simple and sleek t-shirt but with a constructed sleeve that was angular i think i accomplished this with my toile, however as my collection has developed i'm not sure if this garment has a place in my final line-up.

Monday, 15 March 2010


My first outfit, is a gold leatherette dress, i've been toiling the dress in order to get the right angle on the hip, i want the hips to be exaggerated but not too forcefully. Down the front of the dress their will also be multicoloured fringing, i think i need to get a perfect balance between the hip exaggeration and the layered fringing, i don't want the dress to look over the top but at the same time it needs to push the boundary.

I think i have perfected the toile and i am now ready to cut and sew the final garment, i will use a pale pink zip down the centre back, i will then sew pink lining into the dress, to make sure the dress looks as neat on the inside as out. To finish the garment i will top stitch the seams with gold metallic thread.

Sunday, 14 March 2010


This is my first toile for the all in one, the top of the toile works, however I'm worried about the trousers, i think i may have to opt for a more legging style trouser in order to make the fringe trousers look the most effective! Over the weekend i am going to go fabric shopping, as at the minute I'm slightly unsure on the type of fabric to use.

In the end i opted for a nude colour tulle fabric, due to its stretch, it will act as a strong and tight base for the fringing and sequining. I spent ages, placing the fringing, getting the colours and lengths perfect. I am over the moon with the end result, i spent a lot of time sequining and constructing this outfit, i feel it is the best representative for my collection and this is why I've decided it will be the outfit to photograph for the brochure

Friday, 12 March 2010


'The presentation for Topshop's
Unique collection was a sensationally feral romp through the great outdoors... There was so much wit and ingenuity in the clothes that you felt mushrooms might even have been involved in the creative process. Take the lustrous fake fur that looked better than the most ludicrously deluxe mink coat. (And if you don't take it, there will be thousands who do, come next winter.)' -

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Whilst designing, i had an idea to construct a dinner jacket style top, that would be sequined, however i have really struggled with getting the toile perfect, I've therefore decided that the jacket would not work, i just don't think the constructed jacket has lived up to my expectations in my mind,

Thursday, 4 March 2010


As apart of my collection, i want to produce a cape/shrug influenced by vintage fox stoles. I bought a teddy bear from the British Heart Foundation in order to deconstruct to obtain pattern pieces to create my own 'bear' stole out of pink faux fur.

Monday, 1 March 2010


The sequin outcome has been great, I'm so pleased, i plan to use this bear illustration a lot! It wasn't particularly difficult to sequin, the mouth and eyes are probably the trickiest