Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Whilst visiting London i attended the Maharaja exhibition at the Victoria and Albert, the exhibition showcases Indian Royalty. The word maharaja, means literally ‘great king’, the exhibition really encompasses the great wealth and power of the Maharaja. It was an incredible exhibition, the magnificence and wealth of the Indian Royalty was shown through the rich colour and ornate fabrics. Although the exhibition hasn't directly influenced my work, i can definitely appreciate it and hope to aspire to produce such detailed and exquisite work.

The exhibition spans the period from the beginning of the 18th century to the mid- 20th century, bringing together over 250 magnificent objects, many being lent from India's royal collections for the first time. It examines the changing role of the Maharajas within a social and historical context and reveals how their patronage of the arts, both in India and Europe, resulted in splendid and beautiful objects symbolic of royal status, power and identity.

I find the history of India really interesting and it was a great insight to how the Indian Royalty lived and ruled, Embellishment is a strong theme within my work and especially sequining and bead work, this exhibition with its strong and rich colour palettes could really influence my final major project in a positive way.

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