Thursday, 10 December 2009


This is an example of oen of the textile prints that Grayson Perry has been commissioned by Libery to produce. I love this print, i love the colour palette but also the concept of a beautiful girly almost child-like print laced with a darker theme of military machinery. I'm using Grayson Perry as an example of an artist entering the fashion industry, within my dissertation.

'This fabric in Liberty’s and Perry’s eyes is art and is affordable at £19.95 a meter and has also has been applied within the fashion industry. Perry’s fabric designs are so versatile, as he states, it could be used to construct a garment or even framed and put on a wall, his work therefore is open ended and left to the discretion of the buyer, completely diminishing the Art and Fashion barrier. Is a canvas not just made from fabric? Fashion is now giving people a means to display and enjoy their art and also making art more accessible and portable in society. '

This is an extract from my dissertation about Grayson Perry.

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