Saturday, 29 May 2010


The Telegraph has also published my outfit, i'm waiting to see if it will be only online or in the sunday paper, but its so exciting to think Hilary Alexander has seen and commented on my work! the quote from Rankin was amazing...

'British student, Kitty Keay, from the Colchester School of Art and Design, was inspired by Marie Antoinnette's frivolious and fun attitude to fashion and admires the same quality in her favourite designer, Ashish. Rankin said, "It was incredibly easy to shoot the clothes - each piece was so beautiful and full of character. I'm sure among the 2010 graduates, we will see a designer that will capture the fashion world's imagination!'.'


  1. Hi Kitty -- My name is Meggy Wang, and I'm a contributing writer for the international fashion, style and culture magazine, SOMA (; I was hoping to get in contact with you about your work. Is there any chance that I could get your contact information? Please email me at info (at) somamagazine (dot) com.

  2. Hi Kitty,

    Couldn't find your email address anywhere but I'd like to feature you on my blog, <a href=">Tweet</a>, please drop me an email at for more info!

  3. LOVE, that outfit. Gorgeous! Genius!

  4. You deserve the press! Gorgeous Gorgeous!!

  5. I love your designs sooooooooo much! I'm following you- please follow me back if you like my blog.