Saturday, 7 November 2009


Today we had a seminar from a company called 'STUDIO G'. Studio G is a print design studio that produces work to sell at trade events such as Indigo Paris, New York, LA, Milan and Hong Kong. It is a relatively small studio set up by a man called Glenn, he then has a collection of print designers that work for him. Glenn talked to us about his company and the process they go through to produce their collections, they start with a moodboard that reflects the catwalk trends they then choose a trend as a basis for their prints. They design for the high street, so thier prints are very commercial. The seminar was really insightful, i hadn't previously considered working for a studio but the way in which the company works seems really close knit.

We have the opportunity to design a collection for the Studio, this will give us the opportunity to sell our work in New York as well as with the university at Indigo, Paris. Glenn's preference is to use photoshop, and he would like us to produce a collection on the basis of a catwalk trend. In order to be picked to sell at New York we will need to make sure our collection is cohesive to the studio G style. My current collection is heading towards digital print so hopefully my collection for the module will be appropriate to show him

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