Monday, 12 October 2009


The ShowStudio exhibition at Somerset House, 'Fashion Revolution' i found incredibly inspiring, i love the media side to fashion and my dissertation is looking at how the fashion and art industry interact with one another, so for me the exhibition was perfect. Nick Knight the director of ShowStudio, a website that aims to unite fashion and art through the medium of the internet.

A place to show work that wasn’t created to sell a product, but was instead created simply for the love of the art’ - Nick Knight

I really respect Knights ambition to unite industries under one bracket, also the way in which he has used the internet, when SHOWstudio started it was revolutionary and i think he has still maintained the revolution, he is constantly pushing boundaries and introducing new concepts and medias that previously were unheard of. I love Knights ability to unite designer and public in a similar way performance art unites artist to public for example the 5th Plinth at Trafalgar Square. The exhibition really highlights the importance of technology to the fashion industry.

The fashion films really inspired me. It shows films of collections by the designers, such as Gareth Pugh's dark, emotional film of his A/W 09 collection. I love the strong concept which was beautifully illustrated through the media of film, this i think would be a great way to show my final collection, via this blog.

Another really great piece in the exhibition was the 'Sound of Clothes: Synaesthesia' by Daniel Brown/Nick Ryan, 2006. The piece was a screen with a jacket that you were able to touch and interact with, where you touched a different sound was made. I thought the idea of music making a piece of clothing was really innovative and something that is only possible with the aid of technology.

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